Middlebrow Syllabus #22–The Hollow by Agatha Christie (1946)

Invited to The Hollow for lunch, Hercule Poirot is extremely irritated to find that his host has arranged a melodrama to greet him with. A man lies at the edge of the pool, red paint drips gently into the water. A woman stands over him with a gun in her hand. Several others stand on …

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Middlebrow Syllabus #25–Alice by Elizabeth Eliot (1949)

This is the story of Margaret and her best friend Alice and their journey into an adult world that they are ill equipped for. I was so surprised by Eliot’s writing. The only way I can describe it is that it is very spare. There is no vivid detail, the characters are never fully fleshed …

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Middlebrow Syllabus Reading Challenge

I been thinking for some time that I’d like to do a reading challenge in 2023. The problem was trying to settle on what to do…until I found the ultimate challenge on the Furrowed Middlebrow blog. British fiction written in the first half of the 20th century is what I gravitate towards. And in addition …

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2020 Calendar of Crime Challenge

Again, after rereading Bev's Calendar of Crime 2020 post, I'm doing a post...just to play it safe. Let's see just how many months I can get! A big thanks to Bev @ MY READER'S BLOCK for all the hard work of putting this all together